We are a small company that that uses I. T. systems to make our life easier.  We take only the information that we need to take to perform our business with you.  

Where there is a legal requirement for us to keep your personal data, we endeavour to keep that data safe and confidential.  Where there is an option for you to submit only the data you are comfortable with to help us conduct our business, we appreciate your trust and have no intention of giving or selling that data to 3rd parties without your prior knowledge.  Sometimes we need to share names and addresses with our suppliers for purposes of warranty.

You have a right to ask us about the information that we keep about you.  Please complete our enquiries form on this web site, should you need reassurance that we are doing the right thing with your data.

We do use web site cookies to optimise this site.  We would appreciate your assistance by allowing us to use cookies whenever you visit our pages.